The history of MISTRALL dates back to 1959, and is still a family business.

Due to the enormous technological advances in the 90's, the modern fishing methods are designed to provide a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction for anglers' enthusiasts, rods, reels and auxiliary products. It's no coincidence that the company's slogan "Best for fishing" tests more of their products on the river Ebro, famous for its capital's great waves.

Today, around 25 countries sell as an export-import company fishing tackle. Today, we are distributing all fishing methods - so we can also distribute equipment that has exclusive distribution right in Hungary. We offer rods, spools and other equipment for feeder, boiler, hitch, match and traditional methods.

In addition to MISTRALL's products, we supply top quality products / dams / hooks / shawls in Japan at a competitive price in India as their importing company.